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About Apus Melba

Apus Melba is a tutoring service run by a qualified and experienced Maths teacher, currently working in a secondary school. Apus Melba delivers a high quality and effective learning platform for children and adults, both on a one-to-one basis, also through group sessions.

With over 25-years working in primary and secondary education, Apus Melba has encountered and adapted to a span of learning styles including in the realm of Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The Apus Melba approach directs the student to effectively handle obstacles to their learning, towards the desired objective.

Central components in this approach include:

  • the need for the physical representation of concepts and ideas.
  • the need for understandable steps in learning to promote independent effort (also associated with the terms “differentiation”  and “scaffolding” in education).
  • the need to have words, terminology and symbols made clear when misunderstood.
  • being creative, objective and enthusiastic.

Consider Apus Melba for extra revision, clarity on specific topics, preparations for first and retake examinations, professional numeracy tests and more.